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"One click" and you are divorced!

That is what some of the readers may have read elsewhere in national magazines and newspapers, detailing the new online systems providing to new potential divorcees the ability to obtain a complete divorce online.

Some of the online providers suggest that you can get divorced and resolve all financial matters, for a fixed fee and in essence avoid the need to instruct a solicitor.  However, the question remains as to whether a divorce online can provide to you to succinct and successful outcome that you desire. 

Are you confident enough to feel that you can firstly understand what you are looking to achieve, and secondly, thoroughly examine all the assets and liabilities that are normally discussed as part and parcel of the divorce process?
As family lawyers will say, ‘you only get one bite of the cherry’ so making the right choice as to whether to obtain a divorce online or through the traditional method is something you will need to consider carefully.

How far can the online divorce consider issues such as Pension Sharing Order and Capital Gains Tax? Such issues as like this do need to be explored and investigated carefully as part of the divorce.

Also, with the introduction of the new Family Procedure Rules in April 2011, such providers will need to be up-to-date, as most family practitioners will.