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Divorce for anyone can be quite an upsetting time, not to mention if you are in the public eye.

Under current legislation any party to a marriage must wait for the first anniversary to have elapsed before issuing a Divorce Petition.  Before the 12 months, marriages can be annulled, but that it is only in unusual circumstances. 

If you find yourself in a position that you have separated from your marital partner before the anniversary of your marriage, then you may want to seek legal advice so as to protect your position.  Your solicitor may want to talk to you about drawing up a Separation Agreement, or issuing Judicial Separation proceedings.

Either way if you find yourself in that position, you want to ensure that you are fully prepared and in readiness for the anniversary of your marriage.

Within those twelve months financial matters can alter greatly and it is therefore imperative that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to protect your financial position.